About us

We are qwr.ro, the one and only link shortener web service from Romania. And also totally free.

qwr.ro offer free, responsive and with no ads link shortening services with the possibility of choosing from both random generated and custom short links.

Also, the links shortened by registered users come with statistics for clicks and unique visitors.

qwr.ro is currently based on closed-source development, but we might convert it to open-source in the future, because this software is not about money, but about trying and learning new technologies. The main reason why qwr.ro closed-source right now is that the website might use vulnerable code and the additional layer of protection offered by secrecy is a big plus.

The services offered by qwr.ro are and will always be free of charge. That does not mean, however that the donations and partnerships are not welcomed. The main goal is to be able to keep the website running for as long as possible and not to make a profit whatsoever. The collected money will all go in the website hosting and development.

That being said, if you want to contribute to keeping this soon-to-be open-source project going you can do it by donating or by contacting us for possible partnerships.

We are glad you are using our services and we thank you for that! Have a nice day!